Olaf Gipser (M.Arch. Dipl.Ing. Architect SBA) has founded the office in 2005. Since 2013, he has been a guest lecturer in the postgraduate program at the Delft University of Technology (The Berlage) and taught before at the Berlage Institute (Rotterdam), the Royal Academy of Arts (London), the Academy of Architecture (Amsterdam), and the Bergen School of Architecture. He holds degrees in Architecture from the Federal Institute of Technology (Zurich), from the University of Stuttgart, and as Fulbright student from the University of California Los Angeles.

Simona Puglisi (M.Arch. Architect SBA) acts as partner with a focus on office development and design strategies. Her interest in the intersection between architecture and landscape is reflected in many of our projects. Simona is also a social connector, establishing collaborations with most diverse professionals and actors. Joining our studio in 2009, she graduated cum laude in architecture from University of Reggio Calabria with a focus on landscape architecture and acquired professional experience in the Netherlands at UNStudio, De Architekten Cie. and KCAP Architects & Planners.

Monique Hutschemakers (Ing. M.Arch.) is project leader and technical-architectural designer for our most challenging projects, combining a fine architectural sensibility and a sharp eye for architectural detailing with profound technical knowledge and a rigorous, systematic working ethos. Monique joined our studio in 2016 after acquiring professional experience at Office Haratori (Zurich), Dok Architecten (Amsterdam), and Heren 5 Architects (Amsterdam). She has professional degrees from HTS Tilburg (architectural technology) and the Amsterdam Academy of Architecture (architecture).

Jean-Marc Saurer (Arch. HTL/ FH) is an experienced technical-architectural designer who has been working with us on a structural basis since 2016. With his profound architectural expertise, his focus on building envelope design, and his distinctive perfectionism acquired throughout many years of architectural practice, Jean-Marc has been responsible for the challenging technical façade detailing of BSH20A ‘Stories’, the complete technical-architectural design of both the Veluwe Visitor Center ‘t Leesten, and (together with Monique) the Delfshaven Housing project. Jean-Marc maintains an independent position (www.jean-marcsaurer.nl) and has been a longstanding visiting teacher at the Amsterdam Academy of Architecture.

Abdullah Zakrat (Ing.) is a highly skilled and passionate technical-architectural junior designer and BIM-modeler. He joined our office in 2017 and has since become pivotal in the drawing production of all our projects across all levels of scale. Abdullah has two professional degrees from the Egypt American University, Cairo, and the Lebanese International University, Beirut.

Melvin Kleijn (MBO) is an experienced BIM-modeler and –manager who supports us on a structural basis with technical 3d-drawing. For our renovation project Skyport, Melvin will do the digital survey of the existing building. Next to working with us, Melvin maintains an independent position (www.mirome.nl).

Marco Fusco is an Italian architect holding a post-master degree cum laude in Architecture and Urban Design from The Berlage at TU Delft. He previously earned a degree with honours in Architecture from the Università della Campania. Marco has a broad and eclectic artistic interest and believes in drawing both as an informative process and as a speculative tool, undermarking the expressive and visionary aspect of architecture. His main interests gravitate around the regeneration of industrial archaeologies, the rethinking of obsolete infrastructures, and the relation between technocracy and ecology.

Rike Blom is our public relations and communications advisor. With a background in cultural studies (critical theory and analysis) and modern and contemporary visual arts she uses her knowledge of architecture and design to give our work more visibility. As a freelancer for the creative and cultural sector she gained extensive experience in this field.

Angelina Hopf devotes herself to the social and ecological strengths of housing architecture and neighborhood design. She graduated from the Amsterdam Academy of Architecture with a systemic vision for a village that frames an inclusive design. Previously, she studied at Bauhaus University Weimar and worked for Heren 5 architecten (Amsterdam), Workshop Architecten (Amsterdam) and Amrein Giger architekten (Basel).