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Architecture is concerned with the intervention in and transformation of reality. As such, it is as much linked to disciplines of reflection (the possibility of alternative realities) as it is grounded in material conditions and practices that give realities their specific appearances. It is the tension of this polarity and the questions rising from it that have motivated much of our work.

Consequently, we understand architecture to be part of ensembles and histories. Our projects seek to formulate precise and multiple relationships with their contexts and to question and ultimately to strengthen identities of place, of social space, and of environmental milieus. We recognize the emancipatory potential of thoughtful architecture, its capacity to stimulate social cohesion, and its power to connect with people by virtue of inspiration and emotion.

Our approach towards architectural design is methodological, systematic, and necessarily interdisciplinary. It is open to and accessible for critical dialogue and co-creation with our (often multiple) clients, advisors, authorities, and other actors.

Nearly all of our commissions were won in competitive, content-based selection procedures (competitions, tenders, architect selections).