Our team is looking for a talented intern who has affinity with Bio-based Building, Nature Inclusivity and Open Building.

The environmental crisis cannot be solved by technological innovation only. We must critically reflect upon behavior and values, too. This calls for rethinking residential architecture and its concern with the practices of everyday life.

In this debate about the apartment at times of the COVID-19 pandemic state of exception, Olaf argued for a reconceptualization of the architecture of dwelling along the notions of interiority, cohabitation, the practice of everyday life, and appropriation.

We are systematically exploring the far-reaching application of renewable, bio-based materials in our buildings, addressing architectural, structural, technical, maintenance-related, and environmental questions.

Multifunctional housing project ‘New West’ is awarded with the prestigious Zuiderkerkprijs 2020, the City of Amsterdam’s yearly distinction of its most innovative residential projects.

‘Revisiting Postmodernity’ is the title of a series of six seminars that have been held within the postgraduate program of the Faculty of Architecture at the TU Delft each academic year since 2014.

Our office is one of the Founding Partners of the Dutch knowledge and network platform ‘Open Building’. Responding to the environmental crisis and the continued challenge of strengthening social cohesion, Open Building is proposing a series of conceptual, architectural, and technical measures.

This academic research project investigated a tradition of architecture that articulates forms of collectivity through the embedment of social practices in spaces of intensified and manipulated environmental resources.