BSH20A ‘Stories’ 1/10

BSH20A ‘Stories’ is a mixed-use residential tower in post-industrial Amsterdam Buiksloterham with 35 housing and commercial units and an on-ground parking garage. Located in a former industrial harbor area, it occupies an exposed lot marking the intersection of a main street and a former industrial harbor basin. Stories is developed as building co-operative and the result of close collaboration between residents, architect, and contractor.

The building follows the given envelope. The plinth of 11 m height consists of a conventional prefab concrete structure and forms the basis for a 45 m high tower made with CLT (cross-laminated timber) plate construction.

The mass timber construction determines the bay width of 4,50 m, leading to a floorplan spanning over 6 adjacent bays. The CLT-walls have large openings that allow for spatial connection across the bays, facilitating flexible partition, and for one to six individual units per floor. The walls are clad with fire-resistant and soundproofing plasterboard. The floors are equally made of CLT-plate, exposed as timber ceilings on the floors below, and consist of a limestone gravel mass layer for acoustic insulation, thermal insulation layer, floor heating layer, and the top floor.

In its current configuration, Stories contains 29 apartments ranging from 43–185 m2 size, many combined with working spaces facilitating living/ working combinations, forming ten different apartment types and consisting of single and double-height units. Ceiling height is 2,87 m respectively 6,12 m.

Yet Stories does not only provide private space but addresses collective urban living. An enveloping steel structure contains extensive outdoor spaces in the form of private balconies and winter gardens, a communal roof for urban farming that is connected to a shared, multifunctional indoor space, and 57 double-height vegetation units. The larger ones of these are niches for trees, bushes, grasses, and related animal life. They act as privacy screens between individual units, operate as infrastructure providing a healthy environment and microclimate, enrich the local urban biodiversity, and add seasonal, soft and sensual expression to the building. Stories provides habitat for an expanded collective of humans and non-humans.

Completion is expected for the end of 2020.


Residential building with 29 apartments, 6 commercial units, and parking garage


5,500 m2


Architectural design, execution drawings, esthetic site supervision


Bouwgroep BSH20A


Erik Feenstra, Olaf Gipser, Monique Hutschemakers, Jacoba Istel, Simona Puglisi, Jean-Marc Saurer, Jan-Dirk Valewink, Abdullah Zkert


Alferink van Schieveen (structure), Bureau Veldweg (fire safety), Constructie Adviesbureau Geuijen (timber structure), Derix Gelijmde Houtconstructies (timber structure), LBP Sight (acoustics), Nieman Raadgevende Ingenieurs (acoustics), Pirmin Jung (timber structure, acoustics), Smartland (vegetation) with The Royal Ginkel Group


Heutink Ontwikkeling en Bouw